Potatoes and Ideas – Bulgarian campaign planning

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08.10.2009 – Day 1:

Sofia – the centre of the Planet.

It was in the afternoon, exactly at 13, in the neighborhood of Simenonovo, the cozy “Eleganza” hotel.Twenty-eight crazy youths from the hottest zones of Bulgaria dropped their bags and with hunger attacked:

1. Potatoes

2. Potatoes

3. Potatoes

The played the game, passed the ball, drank  coffee and got familiar with what happened and what  would  happen in “One Europe”. The idea of creating a blog was born by administrator Super Liubo. Bobi gave some ‘leva’ and then we dedicated ourselves into a sweet chat and  the sweetest dinner.

09.10.2009 – Day 2:

At the Swedish Table, we shared crazy ideas about local campaigns and target groups. We shared good practices from our glorious work. It followed attack of the gray substance and the working groups were created to get familiar with the application.

The generated ideas for a national campaign transferred into the mehana “Chiflicka” not so far away from the cozy hotel. And it all began: salads, ideas, tongues, ideas, salsa, ideas, balls, ideas, mezeta, ideas, dancing horo, ihuuu, ideas, sweets, ideas and the noise group slowly went to the hotel under the watchfully eye of the beautiful Moon and accompanied by bate Joro.

10.10.2009. – Day 3:

It’s heavy…It’s difficult…during breakfast.

Work in groups (who is doing video, who is doing text)

Responsibilities and deadlines….

Pizza (for some packed in a bag, for others in the hands) and ADIOS RIO till the end of October.


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