The “Different people-One Europe!” campaign to reach 50 000 people in Bulgaria

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0192,000 young people from 12 Bulgarian towns will be directly involved in various activities within the campaign “Different people-One Europe!”. Another 15, 000 will receive promotional campaign materials or will be witnessing campaign events. The numbers were announced during the official opening at an outdoor press conference in the center of Sofia on the 5th of November 2009. In addition to the people who will receive information by local media and view the planned campaign movies, the coordinators from the Pakiv European Network calculate that the campaign  “Different people-One Europe!” will  reach 50 000 people in Bulgaria.

“I predict four tolerant months”, said Ani – famous fortuneteller and youth activist on intercultural understanding from ELIT Association (the town of Sapareva banya). Together with her colleague Elena (Chitalishte “Aprilov-Palauzov”- Gabrovo), Ani predicted, in front of the media, what will happen between November 2009 and February 2010 within the campaign “Different people. One Europe!”.

Concerts, festivals, debates and discussions, World Cafes, forum theater, inter-ethnic cooking events,  video and film production, competitions for video clips, essays, photos… are some of the campaigning activities which will hit 12 localities in Bulgaria. From Shument to Simitli and from Bourgas to Gorna Oriahovica young people from 14 local organizations will do any kind of crazy actions just to grab people’s attention and tell them that the world is no longer “black and white” and that some of us already see and think in colors.

The local campaigns already started in most of the localities. We’ve decided that the swine flu will not stop us and we are already widely disseminating pocket calendars for 2010 with best wishes for a more tolerant year.

“Different people. One Europe!” is an international campaign aimed at promoting intercultural understanding and mutual respect on the local level in Bulgaria, Hungary, Denmark and Germany.


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Fortune-teller predicts to the media what, where and how Equality. Integration. Opportunity. Tolerance. Together…. You Want It?…. Join Us!

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