In Karlovo the Intercultural dialogue is…taste

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On November 16 a local partner from Karlovo opened a bazaar on the Day of Intercultural Understanding and Tolerance among different ethnic and immigrant groups, living in the municipality. Roma traditional celebrations and cuisines were exhibited and each visitor had the chance to taste it. Representatives of the Roma community from the town prepared posters showing the Roma celebrations, the symbols of the Roma community and the celebration of the International Roma Day – 8 April.
Christmas Eve traditions were presented on the Bulgarian table where volunteers from the local partner shared a number of meatless dishes, all of them home made (cake with coins, pumpkin-pastry, gold-lace, boiled corn, fruits, nuts etc.). The volunteers from the association were wearing their beautiful Bulgarian traditional costumes, and a slide show provided for additional visuals. To raise the spirits, two singers from the nearby village were singing.
Representatives from Latvia, Greece and Sweden also took part in representing their countries cultures with presentations, movies and traditional foods, drinks, costumes and souvenirs.

The campaign will continue with a photo, collage and painting competitions on the theme “Different people. One Europe!” , and various campaigning activities with children in all kindergartens in Karlovo.


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