Ethnic X – factor, Why Diversity Matters

February 16, 2010 at 15:59 1 comment

On January 29th the ‘One Europe’ national group of Denmark joined together with other Crossing Borders members to participate in a workshop on diversity done by the “Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies”. After the workshop the ‘One Europe’ group had a meeting and status update about the national campaign.

Denmark has been covered by snow for months, so the participants arriving by train started out the morning with a beautiful, white walk through of the forest to Krogerup Højskole, the venue of the workshop and meeting. The day was soon to become much more colorful as the workshop “Ethnic X – factor, Why Diversity Matters” began.

The workshop started by pointing out the advantages which can be identified within a multicultural group or organization. Groups simply tend to be more innovative and creative if they consist of mixed cultures. For Crossing Borders, whose members have various backgrounds, it was an interesting fact to learn how our group can be more efficient as well as creative than a homogeneous group would be. This point was of great interest and relevance for the ‘One Europe group’ where a lot of cross-cultural cooperation takes places. Therefore all ears were open for inspiration.

Another session of the workshop focused on mapping out the individual competences or so called knowledge domains of each participant. By placing the collected knowledge domains on a common black board, it was pointed out what the group had in common as well as what the individual participants could offer to the group. This exercise was a very useful tool. It enabled the participants to identify other and new qualities and skills within the group, to be used for the future as well as the current cooperation and projects.

Following this inspiring workshop, the ‘One Europe’ group caught up on the status and development of the national and local campaigns. Promotion materials consisting of posters, t-shirts, leaflets etc. are almost done and soon Danish students at selected local high schools will be busy implementing the project, by reporting discrimination experiences and producing their own videos, touching upon the subject matter of discrimination.

As the workshop and meeting came to an end, the ‘One Europe’ group members felt more than motivated to kick off the campaign, and hereby using our new gained knowledge on the potentials of our cross cultural group with various competences. The multi-colored day was over and during the walk in the white forest on our way back to the train, the world sure seemed more colorful!


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  • 1. Garba  |  March 1, 2010 at 02:30

    Dear friends,

    here is the new brochure of the Cb global studies. Please, spread it across your nice network.


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