Positive Things Can Happen in Our Town….

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On 12th February, the Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley Association concluded the campaigns in Kindergartens of Karlovo. Through lots of paintings, pictures and interactive games, we touched even the hearts of the youngest. The children were very emotional and natural when they were hugging and kissing to show us their love for one another no matter how different they were. To motivate the kids to play and create together, we gave each group educational games, materials for painting, and mini encyclopedias titled “Why the people are different”. We believe that the administrators of the kindergartens will continue the education on Tolerance using the materials provided.

Despite the cold, unpleasant weather, we staged a final event by organizing a thematic exhibition and a competition at the Youth Information Centre. Many kids and youth from Karlovo and Sopot with different ethnic backgrounds, as well as students from the Daily Centre with different level of handicap took part in the competition. All of them expressed what it means to be tolerant and how to accept others by painting on a white sheet that we had provided.  Children from the three kindergartens especially impressed us with their paintings, because they understood the theme very well. Therefore, we awarded them the first prize.

The exhibition is still open for visitors and is being enjoyed by the locals who express their support and the fact that positive things can also happen in our town.

More pictures from our last actions can be seen here: http://mgird.youthbg.net/node/425.


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