Yes, Shumen Can!

March 8, 2010 at 12:05 Leave a comment

The title of our previous post was either given by the national coordinator or the administrator of the blog. This was due to the fact that we were so focused on coming up with the title for our movie that we forgot to propose the title for the previous post. However, today we won’t forget! So, here it is: Yes, Shumen can!

Yes! We did it. Our movie is a fact. We finished it on Saturday. Frankly speaking, it exceeded our expectations. And why not, after going through so much trouble! There was swine flu and vacations. We won’t forget the cold and missing our outdoor shooting. We were banned from shooting families in their homes. Interestingly, some of the youth participating in the movie had a low education level, having been dropped out as punishment for their low marks in school. But let’s look at this as philosophical …

Many interesting things happened to us. We learnt for example that in Shumen, there is an Armenian Church. We also realized that the Jewish in our town are just one family. Surprisingly, we didn’t know that when one enters a mosque, one has to take off shoes…Very unexpected was a proposal towards our reporter Slavka – to be a young bride in the Roma neighborhood! Indeed we had a lot of unexpected things happen to us. For example while we were thinking about the script of our movie, we thought of publishing a book with anecdotes. We learnt a lot of anecdotes! Differences and similarities; stereotypes… Here is one of them:

“A man was walking in the desert, almost dying of thirst. In the end he saw an oasis. When he came closer to it, he saw a scary dragon sitting beside it. Scared or not, he had no choice but to confront it.  He had a huge fight with the dragon. At some point the dragon stopped and asked him:

–          What are you doing man?

–          I am fighting.

–          Why are you fighting?

–          I want to drink water.

–          If you want – just drink…

Surely, the work with camera and microphone was not so easy. For the footage, we have no words. But finally here it is! Our movie! 27 precious minutes of curiosity, worries, self showcase arguments, new horizons, new friendships… The title of the movie is trivial: “Different, but Together” (but it has to be focused on the theme).

More real is the other – the one, which was hidden in the sparkling eyes, in the soul – Try for a flight”

No, no wasn’t a try – it was a “Fly”!


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