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MUNDI ROMANI- the World through Roma Eyes

‘Roma film maker Katalin Barsony travels the world to give a voice to the voiceless through a vision and celebration of a people who have always been misunderstood and kept out of the public eye.’

Visit the site at: http://www.mundiromani.com

WE Also Exist – a documentary

A film about alternative dispute resolution techniques to empower local communities in rebuilding social bonds, resolving conflicts, re-enforcing cohesion and finding shared goals for the future.

WE also exist / Vagyunk MI is from foresee on Vimeo.

Documentary by Young Roma Filmmaker Wins Award

“Me, My Gipsy Family & Woody Allen,” a documentary by 19-year-old Laura Halilovic, won the UCCA Prize 2009 at the Bellaria Film Festival, held in Bellaria, Italy on June 2-6, and also received special mention by the jury “for the ability to describe in a soft, at times ironic, but always direct way, her own story, the one of her family and through these the difficult conditions of Gipsies in Italy.”


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  • 1. Jennifer  |  September 30, 2009 at 14:58

    You Walk, The Country Walks. (India)


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